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Take Back the First Hour of Your Day

The first hour of a morning routine can directly influences the rest of your day. When you wake up, get your day started with intention – be ready to tackle the day head on! 

How will you make your morning count?

1. Don’t drown in thoughts 4. Serious Tasks First

*Take a deep breath * Take a serious task,break

*Drink a big glass of water and it down into smaller sections

eat something nourishing and work on each task

one by one

2. Morning Routine * If you choose to do

*No rules – only what will work for you what matters first in

*Ground and energize yourself the hours of your

· Make your bed morning, it is shown to

· Make coffee build confidence

· Workout

3. Get Moving 5. Have Intention

Studies have shown that exercise, * Brains are refreshed first

no matter the time, helps increase thing in the morning,

concentration, memory, learning Choose intention

and lowers stress. * Meditation, mindfulness,

stretching, free writing, listening to music are all

acceptable intentions to

start your day on a

positive step

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